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For more than 15 years, the company has been producing floors that have gained popularity among consumers and professionals due to their quality and bold stylistic solutions. Our own production and advanced technologies allow the company to carefully control all stages of work and respond sensitively to changes in consumer demand. We consider ourselves one big family, where everyone is dedicated to their work. Therefore, the quality of our products is a personal responsibility for all of us. The Company's mission is to help people create stylish interiors in which they can enjoy comfort and feel happy. In 2009, our own bureau for the development of new products was founded in the production of laminate flooring, which allows future collections to go from a design idea to implementation in a short time. The best design engineers are working on creating unique novelties that not only correspond to current trends, but are also often ahead of time. Impeccable product quality is the priority of the team's work . Therefore, the production has its own laboratory. Its main tasks are to conduct physico-chemical, mechanical tests and other studies. This ensures thorough laboratory quality control of raw materials, materials and finished products.

Product showcase:
12 aud per meter

dark oak laminate

14 aud per meter

smoky ash laminate

10 aud per meter

dark brown laminate

15 aud per meter

light brown laminate

T9 aud per meter

grey laminate flooring in the loft style

13 aud per meter

brown laminate in a cross

  • About types and classes of laminate
  • Classification of laminate flooring The degree of strength and wear resistance of the lamellas is indicated by a digital marking, which includes four classes, from 31 to 34. Due to the multilayering, the lamellas are practically not subject to deformation, and due to the high-quality hardening of the upper layer, they often surpass parquet in wear resistance. This is due to the fact that, unlike parquet slats, laminate is not available for restoration – damaged lamellas will have to be changed, restoration is not provided. Therefore, the wear resistance class is one of their main parameters when choosing. Laminate of the 31st class

    This includes inexpensive samples with a low level of strength indicators. Such a floor is optimal in rooms with a low load. But it should be borne in mind that not so long ago laminate was divided into household (21-23) and commercial (31-34). Accordingly, if we are talking about a low level of wear resistance,then this applies more to commercial premises. For domestic use, class 31 is quite enough even for a corridor or kitchen, where it can last up to 10 years. The laminate of the 31st class, laid in the bedroom, this period increases by another five years. In the office, it will not lose its aesthetic and technical indicators for about 5-7 years, provided that it is used in low-pass offices. Laminate of the 32nd class The most popular among consumers. Of all the laminate purchased on the Russian market, about 60% is accounted for by products of the 32 class. This is due to its high wear resistance, excellent decorative and thermal insulation properties. Many manufacturers protect the laminate with 32 hydrophobic impregnations. At a relatively low price, the products are characterized by" survivability " – in houses and apartments, the service life varies in the range of 15 years, in commercial and public institutions – from 5 to 10, depending on the cross-country coefficient. In our catalog you will find beautiful collections of laminate of the 32 class – beautiful and durable-from leading manufacturers. Laminate of 33 and 34 classes

    These products are characterized not only by durability, reliability and a sufficient level of rigidity – in their manufacture, manufacturers use specialized protective compounds, unique connection systems and additional layers that provide increased strength and moisture resistance. As a result of such reinforcement in domestic conditions, the coating of class 33 can be positioned as non-erasable, and the use of 34 is simply impractical. The optimal areas of its application are crowded public and municipal institutions, cinemas, airports. There are no special differences between these categories – samples 33 and 34 are made on a thick base, equipped with a high-strength locking joint, have a rigid and maximally durable protective layer. The presence of 34-class laminate flooring in the classification of strength is currently a controversial issue. Although many manufacturers produce products up to the 43rd class, the approved EPLF association is in no hurry to officially register everything above the 33rd. But despite this fact, the laminate of the 34th class has firmly occupied its niche in the market, since the coatings from this group really have characteristics that put them on a higher level compared to others. The appearance of the laminate is given by an external decorating layer with an image applied to it, imitating the texture of wood or stone, or with an arbitrary pattern-depending on the imagination of the manufacturer's designers. The decorative layer, in turn, is protected by applying a layer of special melamine resin, which makes the laminate resistant to damage. The unique technology of production of laminate of the 34th class, in particular, its multilayer structure, make it highly resistant to a wide range of influences: physical, mechanical and chemical. The laminate floor of this type easily tolerates loads in rooms with a capacity of up to 1000 people per day. In this regard, they are widely used in busy offices, restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment complexes and various public buildings. Due to the highest operational qualities of the material, the use of a laminate of class 34 over time repeatedly pays off the cost of its purchase. Such a laminate can last more than 10 years before it needs to be replaced. A certain set of strength characteristics determines whether the laminate belongs to a particular class. Each new line of laminate from any manufacturer goes through special testing, the results of which determine the compliance of the floor covering to a certain strength class. Today, the laminate of 31, 32 and 33 strength classes is mainly represented on the market of building materials. The 34th class is less common. The higher the number, the higher the class, respectively.